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Variety     Description                                                                Maturity
Blue WindReplaces Packman  Widely adaptable.                                   52
Belstar    Reliable fall variety                                                                     63
DeCicco  Non-hybrid favorite multi-cut variety                                           68

Red Ace     Workhorse Standard Red Beet                                            50
Touchstone Gold    Striking golden- fleshed beet                                   40

Brussels Sprouts
Dagen    Dependable midseason                                                             110

Cabbage, Green
Farao      Sweet and tender early heads                                                    63
Copenhage      Heirloom. Does well in dense plantings                            65

Cabbage, Red                                          
Red Express   Extra early                                                                         63

Cabbage, Savoy
Famosa     Early.  Good taste                                                                      72

Snow Crown    Early and dependable                                                     50
Amazing         Late summer/fall production                                             68
Veronica                 Romanesco  $19.75

Tango               Performs well under stress.  Great taste.                           85

Fordhook GiantHeirloom. White chard                                                      50
Ruby Red       The best red chard                                                              60
Golden           Gold stemmed chard                                                           60
​Bright Lights    Mixed Chard            

Champion       Slow bolting, more compact                                              60

Marketmore    8-9"  Stress tolerant                                                         68
National Pickling     Pickle cuke                                                              52

Orient ExpressSets fruit under stress                                                   58
Paloma    Vivid white skin.                                                                      65
Black Beauty  Standard large fruit variety                                              65

Zefa Fino         Heirloom variety                                                            65

Winterbor        Good yielding, extra curly.                                         55
Redbor           Deepest red-purple.  Frilly leaves                               55
Red Russian   Flat leaf tender                                                           50
Lacinato        Lacinato or dinosaur.  Heirloom Variety                     65

Lettuce, Green
Tropicana       Heat tolerant                                                             52
Adriana          Green Butterhead                                                      48
Green Towers Romaine.  Old standby                                              74
Nevada           Bright green, upright whorl`                                        57
Lettuce, Red
Magenta         Shinny, red-tinged whorl. Our most popular.                57  
Breen      Red Romaine.  Outstanding in our trials                              45
Outredgeous   Red Romaine.  Ruffled edges.                                   57
Skyphos           Red Butterhead.  Replaces Australe                         49
​Breen         Compact mini red romaine                                              45

Athena    Disease tolerant and shippable.                                         79

Onions, Bunching​ (Scallions)
Evergreen Hardy    The most winter hardy.                                       65
Guardsman           Heat resistant, large bunching onion                    65
​Deep Purple            Deep redish purple bunching onion                    

Lancelot        Early Over winters well  

Peppers, Sweet Bell
King Arthur     High yielding.   Red Ripe                                                      59
Red Knight      King Arthur type but better disease resistance                    57
California Wonder    Old Standby.  Open pollinated.  Red ripe                   77
Early Sunsation   Bright Yellow  Replaces Sunray which is no longer available                                                             
Gourmet         Early orange bell.  Sweet taste                                           65
Chocolate       Rich chocolate brown when ripe                                         56

Peppers, Specialty
Antohi Romanian    Tasty, east European fryer                                      53
Lively Italian Yellow    Replaces Italia                                                  
Lipstick                 Great taste.  A pimento type.   Our favorite pepper   53

Peppers, Hot
Hungarian Hot WaxDependably productive                                        58
Early Jalapeno       Traditional early strain.                                         60
Numex Joe Parker  Great multi-purpose chile.                                    70

Shallots (from seed)
Amtition                 Red Long keeper

Summer Squash
Multipik          Good yellow straightneck squash                               50
Raven             Very dark green zucchini                                           48

New Girl       
Scarlet Red  Great flavor.  Holds well. Det.                                       73
Big Beef  Good size, taste, and earliness.  Indt.                                70
Mt. FreshNematode tolerant.   Det.                                                  78
Celebrity Long popular variety with good taste.                                  72

Tomato, Heirloom
Cherokee PurpleUnusual variety with full flavor.  Indt                          72
Brandywine, Red One of the best tasting tomatoes.  Indt                   78
Brandywine, YellowAn orange old-timer with good taste.  Indt             78
Striped GermanBicolor red and yellow fruit.  Indt                                78
Pruden's PurpleEarly Brandywine type.  Great taste!  Indt                  78

Tomato, Specialty   
SungoldBright yellow mini.   This was most popular at our mkts          57
Washington CherryLarge red cherry.  Heavy yield.  Det.                     60
Supersweet 100 Less cracking than sweet 100. Indt.                         70
San Marzano   plum .  Easy to pick.  Great Taste.  Indt.                

Sugar BabyStandard of small watermelons                                       76
Crimson SweetStandard shipper.                                                       85
Basil, GenoveseAuthentic Italian basil flavor                                     
Basil, Red RubinVigorous, purple
Chives             Mild onion flavor
Cilantro, SantoFastest growing but bolt resistant
Dill, Bouquet     Most widely grown variety
Fennel, OrionBulb type.  Big bulbs with high yields.
Parsley, Forest GreenA favorite curled parsley
Parsley, Italian PlainGreat flavor for fresh market