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 Deep Grass Nursery-  A Word About Us…

Our gardens are the foundation for our business.  We began over 30 years ago, modestly in our then large backyard, attempting to produce vigorous quality plants in our small greenhouse to place into our garden and enjoy.  These plants provided us with nutritious food for our growing family and riots of beautiful color for our eyes.  Shortly thereafter, we discovered organic gardening and came to embrace it as a philosophy and implement the systems into our planting space.  From those humble beginnings, we experimented with cultural practices geared toward ecological balance.  

Today, we seek to expand on our growing philosophy of decreasing negative environmental effects attributed to greenhouse and garden production.  We no longer live or work in the “small” home with the large backyard.   Our nursery now has over two decades as organic growers and wholesalers in the agricultural industry.

Today we  invite our “internet neighbors and friends”  to join us in our natural systems approach by offering the highest quality vegetable transplants and herbs for your garden, farm, CSA, or just to grow on your windowsill at home.  

Welcome to this alternative approach to ecological balance.  Enjoy the variety of healthy plants that will thrive in your garden and bring you hours of pleasure.   The adventure is just beginning!     

We look forward to serving your planting needs.  Should you wish to contact us, please feel free to email..

Growing with you,  your friends at Deep Grass 

Bruce Pape founder and head grower of Deep Grass Nursery will be launching a consulting service to aid newcomers to the Organic community.
we will offer service in greenhouse operaton, field operation as well as marketing.